Training equipment maintenance/replacement charge

By | May 30, 2020

With the current demand for training and the implementation of the new training regime a significant strain is going to be placed on the club resources of all types but particularly on the batteries, where we may struggle to support the demand.  These represent a significant cost to the club.  We want to be able to support as much training as we possibly can within the constraints of trainers availability, weather, model and battery availability.  Our expectation is that if you are receiving training you will hopefully get at least 4 flights per session under the current regime.

The club hasn’t made a charge for training and we don’t intend to do so.  Training is provided by the trainers for free.  However, we have discussed the situation and agreed that we will implement a one off £20 charge for ‘training equipment maintenance/replacement’  to all new members joining who require training and wish to use club equipment to do so.  Those using their own equipment will not be charged (though it must be compatible with club equipment for buddying whilst corona virus risks continue to persist – no sharing of Tx’s).

For our existing members this charge will not be implemented but a voluntary contribution would be welcomed.  It is intended to purchase further batteries to supplement those we already have from which you will significantly benefit (at a cost of £125).  If you intend using your own plane and Tx for training this can be ignored as long as your equipment is Spektrum based so can be buddied to the club equipment.

We feel this is a reasonable charge since if a member were to buy their own model and batteries for training they would likely be paying in excess of £200.

We look forward to seeing you all back at the field to carry on with your training.

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